expert consultation on buying, storing, serving and tasting wine
  • Our mission is to improve the productivity, performance, and usability of your current wine inventory management system by creating a custom solution, designed specifically for wine professionals, by wine professionals.

    Analysis/Design: Save time and money with our flexible, easy to use wine inventory systems. We will collaborate with you to understand precisely where your system requires attention and what your specific needs are. Feel secure knowing that your data is stored on our remote server and is always available to your management team.

    Maintenance: All our solutions come with long term customer support agreements so you’re always one call away from help from someone who knows the product personally.

    Interfaces: We will customize your interface to reflect your business and your work practices.

    Some of the features we can give you in a custom wine inventory system:

    Storage reports
    Billing reports
    Retrieval reports
    Purchase/Order reports
    Secure access to wine inventory online
    Administrative access via VPN
    Complete purchase/order history
    Secure retrieval via fail-safe element identification
    Creation of delivery/pick-up orders
    Printing of orders Import/export data to XML, Excel etc.
    Inventory management: both single bottles and cases
    Batch imports of barcode data
    Creation of customer accounts
    Barcode generation: locations/shelves
    Barcode generation: elements
    Instant data lookup via barcoding
    Custom formatting for labels/necktags

    The Wine Curators guarantees a positive relationship with your company. You will benefit from our prompt, personal attention with every call. Rest easy, knowing that we are available around the clock to assist you with emergencies.