Frequently Asked Questions About The Personal Wine Curator
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Q:Why do I need The Personal Wine Curator?

A: If you have a collection, chances are you're losing sight of what you've got. The Personal Wine Curator is an easy to use database with some very cool functions for no-hassle inventory upkeep. It's a great way to have fun with your collection and enjoy your wines at their best by drinking them before they fade. It's also a great way to keep track of what you drink or taste, even if you don't have a "collection."

Q:Why should I use this instead of an Excel spreadsheet?

A: Powerful cross referencing capability. Flexibility as to what  information you access and when. You can generate reports based on different search criteria. You will be notified automatically when your wine is mature. Regions, Sub-regions and Countries are automatically matched, making reading the label much easier, and less data entry for you. Also, The Personal Wine Curator provides over 7,500 food pairing suggestions for your wine.

Q:Is it PC and Mac compatible?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Very easy to use. Lots of on-screen help. Plus there is a demo wine already listed, and a comprehensive help index as well as online video tutorials.

Q: Is there tech support?

A: Yes, free via email when you register.

Q: Are there updates? Are they free?

A: Yes, updates are free to registered users.

Q: Do I have to know a lot about wine to use it?

A: No. Lots of information is already there to help you figure out the wine label. For example, once you enter a sub-region (e.g. Barbaresco), the region and country are automatically entered for you (e.g. Piemonte, Italy).

Q: Is it barcode compatible?

A: Yes. Totally barcode compatible. Scan or generate barcodes. Print using a label printer. We recommend only laser barcode readers or scanners.

Q: What is The Personal Wine Curator Community (PWCC)?

A: The Personal Wine Curator Community is an online database of thousands of wines that is updated and contributed to by PWC users. It is totally anonymous. You can search PWCC for a wine you are entering, and if it's there, you can add it to your cellar with a single click. You can also share tasting notes this way. And it's all done right from within the PWC software itself. You never have to open your internet browser!No ads, no pop-ups, no clutter. Ever.

Q: Does it have food pairings? How many?

A: Yes. Over 7,500 combinations.

Q: Does it track maturity?

A: Yes, automatically. Warns you when wine is old.

Q: Will it tell me my wine's "drink by" and "drink after" dates?

A: Yes. With one click of a button PWC will suggest aging potentials for almost any wine from any major wine producing region of the world.

Q: How many fields or places to enter information are there?

A: Over 30 entry fields.

Q: Is there any pre-set information so I don’t have to type it?

A: Yes. Once you enter a sub-region (e.g. Barbaresco), the region and country are automatically entered for you (e.g. Piemonte, Italy). Also, there are over 1,200 Regions and Sub-regions to choose from in an easy drop down list. Also over 100 Distinctions (types of wine) in a drop down list. And over 8,000 producer names.

Q: Can I create custom reports?

A: Yes, there are 45 different kinds of reports (Producer, Region, Cost, etc.), including summary and detail.

Q: Can I custom sort my wines?

A: Yes, you can sort your wine lists any way you like.

Q: Can I import and export records?

A: Yes.

Q: Does it separate consumed wines from wines I actually have in my cellar?

A: Yes. Two separate lists are created automatically.

Q: What about wines on order?

A: Wines that you have ordered, but have not yet arrived, are kept in a separate list.

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Wow! That aging potential tool is way, way cool. Bloody amazing!! Again wow!!

Pat S., New Zealand

The best technical support I have ever had!  I'm a customer for life!

Bill C., Poca WV

PWC is the third Wine cellar management software I have tried over the past year and it is by far the best. It is easy to use and is very intuitive. I was entering data within 10 minutes of downloading the trial version. For the wine novice it has numerous drop down menus which make it easy to categorize your wines and contribute to your wine education.

Ed Q., Boston MA

I want to thank you for the outstanding service your company provides.  The technical support is exceptional.  How you can provide a product of this quality and back it up with the level of technical support you provide amazes me.

Ron F., Louisville KY

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